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Paul Van Buskirk, Author
Whitney M. Fishburn, Collaborator
How I Beat 20th Century New York State’s Most Corrupt Political Machine

Machine Politics, Intrigue, Violence, and Class Struggle in Small Town America

A political a place called Cohoes...offered an inelegant lesson to amateur political reformers everywhere: if you want to oust entrenched political power aim for the jugular.
New York Herald Tribune
Reformers in Cohoes Demonstrate That City Hall Can Be Fought and Captured
New York Times
Paul's book is a definite page turner, a human-interest story full of political intrigue and betrayal. It has uncanny parallels with today's political climate.
Robert Signoracci
past Chairman of the Albany County Democratic Committee
Paul would become one of the greatest political leaders in the city's history. This is a book for ordinary citizens on how to beat a political machine and reform a city, also a human-interest story for the traditional audience.
Randy S. Konoiowka
Author, "Lengenday Locals of Cohoes"