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Professional reviewer Laura Freed (Bookseller) has just reviewed Big Mike, Uncle Dan and Me. Rating:  5 out of 5 stars Full Text: This is a fascinating story into the history of politics. We tend to think crazy politics didn’t exist before the last 8 years, but this book reminds us that yes, politics is usually not pretty unless we are talking pretty ugly. Not only was this an interesting story, it was also humorous at times. We can learn a lot from this book, no matter where your political lines fall.


Politics Done Right Paul was interviewed on Politics Done Right about the differences between the 1968 riots in the cites when he was a Director of a Model Cities Program and today. Click here for the video interview. Urban Loop Paul was interviewed on Urban Loop about how to dismantle an entrenched political organization and bring about reform in local government. Click here for the audio interview.


The Albany Times Union

Ricard Barrett, historian of Albany Democratic politics, stated that Paul “was a mastermind.  It was revolutionary.  O’Connell’s fiefdom went south.” Paul played an insightful political game against the machine.

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Highbrow Magazine

Paul was featured in an article about the book.

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Fulcrum Magazine

Paul wrote an article for Fulcrum magazine on voter turnout for local elections with the key variable being political competitiveness.

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